Set them aisde.dAfter you remove the sleeve, look at the back of the Yankee and you'll see the three stops. $15.00. Yankee Ratcheting Screwdriver: All pictures are representative only. Problem is I have boxes and bins of flotsam and jetsam from decades of deconstruction and salvage. (They needed to be cleaned - hence this Instructable! I did one last year with the fluid film and it is my main one now so I thought it was time to fix the other one. The Ratcheting Screwdriver includes a space saving storage area within the handle to store up to 12 bits. I you are successful in removing the bit, then install a different bit. Now, for those in the UK it is very hard to get the bits to fit any size Yankee here. Yankee Screwdriver cleaning and repair Intro a The Yankee screwdriver, as it is most commonly known, is my favorite tool. on Introduction. You will find a spring in the hole located in the handle of the ratchet. Free shipping on many items ... No.3412 Yankee Phillips ratcheting screwdriver STANLEY TOOLS USA . 8 years ago on Introduction. 7 years ago Any help in that respect would be awesome of you. The North Bros. Manufacturing company patented their design on December 11, 1923 and marketed it under their "Yankee" line of screwdrivers. Over the next few days it'll get stripped and cleaned. ), Reply Klein Tools Screwdriver and Nut Driver 11-in-1 Multi-Tool. In books? The three position switch enables clockwise and counter-clockwise ratcheting and locked position. Despite the fact that North Bros.' "Yankee" line included racheting and even regular screwdrivers, the name became synonymous with the spiral-rachet design. Share it with us! Finnish the assembly and enjoy your ratchet. $5.91 shipping. cWhy a Yankee? Or you can put a 1/4" socket drive adaptor in the hex chuck and now all your sockets will work, too! The parts inside your ratchet are very similar to an S K Wayne ratchet I took apart once. "Never discard that which you can repair." Hey guys, I don't know if anyone still checks this but I could use some pointers. I don't have any pictures of this step right now, because I got too into cleaning and forgot about taking pictures. Really appreciate the comprehesiveness and detailed instructions contained in your reply. "That's the whole reason I keep parts from other projects. Now he can have this great piece of memorabilia and be able to use it again as it was and is much better than the few other ratchets he has. I was surprised when I took my first one apart. The handles are built for comfort with their ergonomic designs. Now to bring it up to date I found a short '133' model Yankee in a junk shop just a day ago. Tool Parts Direct carries over 10,000 Stanley tool parts and 5,000 Stanley parts schematics for Stanley power tools. On the other hand, be careful about buying old tools with moving parts via online auctions - expect to buy someone else's problems at least some of the time). At a certain point you may be able to pry the ring open further by inserting a small blade under, between the ring and the shaft, and lifting. Stanley Yankee Screwdriver Bit Set Phillips Flat 31 131 68-131 No. on Introduction. 1 year ago. Benieth the handle is a slot from which you can access the spindle washer. aIf you were lucky enough to get a bit with your Yankee, remove it now. After WW2, Stanley bought North Bros. Stanley continued to produce "Yankee" spiral-rachet screwdrivers in the USA, then later in the UK until production finally stopped a few years ago. Thanks again. The ratcheting mechanism is able to be placed in a forward, reversed or locked position. Or, if the chuck still doesn't let go, you can re-harden the tip of the old bit if necessary. That's the wear. This is optional because you don't need to take the handle off just to clean it. 7 years ago Your idea is good. As practical as the tool can be at times, I got it because of the tactile experience and the plastic just isn't as satisfying as solid wood with a shellac or BLS oil finish! I first tried rotating it and it does rotate a little bit, but I just can't figure out how to get it out! spiral ratchet screwdriver is clean and working correctly, it should move with very little friction like the one in this video. The nose collar is different on those chucks. Re: RBWadsworth says: Apr 21, 2013. About: Just a guy tinkering in his spare time. The external sleeve and the spring seldom rust stuck but the internal sleeve and the crossbar/lock can. … Or you could be under the same problem I have and can not get it replaced anymore and need to fix it. aThe short version of this step is to rotate the sleve to the right, then pull down to expose the inner workings. So head out to your local flea market or antique mall and find one today!dNote: This article is based on a North Bros. model 130A "Yankee" spiral-rachet screwdriver. Includes 15 bits, 12 1/4" drive sockets. Ratchet Screwdrivers are designed to lock when tightening or loosening screws for a more efficient method of fixing. This product has bi-material handle with three-position ratchet, including locked position. Established in 1857, … Then I nsert a second blade beside the first and enlarge the gap by levering one driver against the other. Ratchet screwdrivers - how to fix I got a heap of old cabinetmekers screwdrivers off ePay lately. This 29pc Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set from Stanley will help you get your everyday repairing and fastening jobs done. Most Yankee screwdrivers have this type of chuck. Remember which way they go back in!cNow you can see what's beneith the pawls: the drive and draw nuts. 2 years ago or Best Offer. Here you see my Yankee soaking in Simple Green foam. I've tried brute force, WD-40 and the rest. on Introduction, Check out Step 14 - Resources. Share it with us! $5.00 shipping. on Introduction, Does anyone know how to disassemble the central gear portion? It turned out it was one of the few things he had from my grandfather. I wouldn't heat the outer sleeve; you'd likely just ruin the chuck spring. Make sure to follow the directions when removing this to minimize risk of it shooting out of the barral. A cloth would also be acceptable. Field repair your torque wrench ratchet head easily with the corresponding repair kit. Big note here: If you need to do that, you have to switch them so they go in the correct way! or Best Offer. on Step 14, How do you change spiral on yankee 131A screwdriver. I have never seen one broken or disassembled so I don't know anything else about them. IS there "trick" to changing the bit? Be careful not to loose the ball. Is either possible? I have repaired air tools in the past what model is it? I will try out your suggestions in order of difficulty!! "Do you know the size and thread of the sleeve screw? Only 9 left in stock - order soon. I work there and i repair a couple of these ratchets a week. 2 bids. Did you make this project? According to the user manual I am baffled as to the use of part #12, lock collar. Try to wiggle the bit. on Step 4. When removing this, keep in mind that just below is the lock collar, which houses the two ball bearings that lock the spindle. My enthusiasm for DIY is not always matched by my capability, and step-by-step instructions really helpful.. 5 years ago Take a look at my impromptu spray booth. An email reply would be most welcome if you have the answer. The ratcheting mechanism is able to be placed in a forward, reversed or locked position. Yes, the screwdriver bits are also heat-treated; heating the shank of the bit can be bad for the bit too. Are you supposed to just pull it straight out or is there some kind of trick to it? I asked him a couple years ago why he didnt just take it to sears and trade it in for a new one. Ratcheting Screwdriver, KER Multi-tool Nut Screw Driver 11 in 1 Magnetic Head, S2 Steel, Industrial Strength, Ratchet Professional Adjustable Repair Tool 4.4 out of 5 stars 78 $16.30 $ 16 . If I remember correctly, the late version has a retaining ring at the front of the collar, so might be easier to disassemble. Second, take not of the condition of the pawls. If you want a classic, check out ebay. Check Latest Price. Reply In Stock. ": Most of the commonly found 30A and 130A use a 4-40x1/8" screw to retain the sleeve. It works fine except for the 'catch' that has broken so that I can only tighten and not loosen screws - However sometimes with a lot of jiggling I can reverse the drive. 7 years ago Earlier tools with stamped with patent dates no later than 1908 will have a slightly different chuck (patent 632560). I have a craftsman 18" ratchet that they no longer make and do not offer repair kits for any longer. It's very close to the original.). - Me, 8 years ago Some things to note in this picture. Reply Stanley Stubby Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver (6 Piece) is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 33. Step 1: Start the Teardown Take the ratchet apart. With these out, the drive and draw nuts will come out. You will find a retaining clip on the front of the wrench as well, holding the rest of the parts in, just remove it and pull the gear. on Introduction. Be careful to hold the Yankee with the shifter-side up, because the shifter will want to fall out when the sleeve comes off. Also, there are some Stanley-branded Yankees from maybe the 1980s or 90s that have a slightly different construction. When you are done with your maintenance reverse the installation and then squeeze the ring back to its original size. 3. This set includes 10 standard, Phillips®, Pozi, Torx®, and square bits, as well as a handy, patented magnetic bit storage system. Wheel bearing balls for bicycles come in a wide variety of sizes, although you may have to buy a blister pack with enough balls for a whole wheel. This was identified by my wife as being my late father in law's screwdriver. Any ideas, anyone? So, try looking on the 'Axminster' tools website. The ratcheting mechanism is able to be placed in a forward, reversed or locked position. I need to find a replacement. This older chuck is also hard to free up if rusted. Pour a little water over the nuts and move the spindle to rotate them. Maybe, but... it's more fun to figure it out yourself!bA brief history:The spiral-rachet screwdriver has been around since at least 1860. I would like to repair or get it repaired;. Read all instructions both here and on any chemicals before using! I recently got to take over some of my great grandpa's tools, and one of them happened to be a Yankee screwdriver. The first model comes from a reliable … When your Yankee (or Millers Falls, Greenlee, etc.) Unfortunatelt, and this is the really annoying part, I can't remove the bit. Reply Reply No joy. If you don't, your Yankee won't ratchet right and you'll have to re-disassemble it. The screwdriver works very fine, yet this lock collar seems to have no effect on the operation. Once you've done that, rotate the ring so the opening is away from the slot and use needle nose pliers to pull it out through the opening. 6 years ago on Step 6, What if my screwdriver dosen't have a 3mm scre, Question Skip to the beginning of the images gallery $ 26 95. I bought a barely used Schroeder, and while part of me loves its plastic handle (it's very German), I would like to replace it with I solid wood handle I make myself. Get the best deals on Stanley Collectible Screwdrivers when you shop the largest online selection at I am sorry I did not think of taking pictures when I started this project, so I will just use the same pictures of me putting it back together to show the procedure for taking it apart. on Introduction, Great work! (I don't know the exact date, but I assume it to be >2000.) NO PROOF OF PURCHASE required. (That is, you can turn them over and they'll work like new. When you rotate the sleeve, that tab will fit into that slot, then you can pull it down. Reply Though smaller than other options, it’s still massively useful and still easy to hold and grip with the durable bi-material on the handle. This set includes 10 standard, Phillips®, Pozi, Torx®, and square bits, as well as a handy, patented magnetic bit storage system. If you look, you can find a new ring which is already expanded, That's it. Most ratchet screwdrivers have a magnet holding the tip in place, but some others require you to twist until the driver end is tight around the bit. Plus, there are hex drill bits, too! aRemember to put the pawls in the right way!bRemember that the sleeve has to fit that notch in to go back on correctly.cPut the spring and screws back in and wipe everything off. Mine will turn (only slightly) clockrwise and counter-clockwise, yet I am lost as to its' purpose. Unfortunately, this is what's keeping me from a full tear-down. If anyone knows how to remove this without damage, I'd love to know! If the tool is clean and the shaft still sticks in places or is rough or wobbly, there is likely more wrong with it than just dirt and gummed oil. It is a robust tool. I used cotton swabs. 5 years ago Or if you prefer to be completely free of modern technology, frequent your local flea markets, antique malls and garage/estate sales. Stanley Ratchet Screwdriver Bit Set 21 Pieces (2701J) 3-position ratchet with tri-lobular bi-material handle and rubber overmould grip for maximum torque and comfort. Still, the cost would not be very much. Be sure to wipe up any extra. I have about 4 broken regular ratchets, but there isn't a sears for miles. Before you take the screw out, rotate the lock collar to release the spindle and extend the spring.cNow, carefully use your 8mm slotted screwdriver to remove the clutch screw. It should, however, be largely trasferrable to other models from North Bros., Stanley and Schroeder.eNote2: This article is unfortunately, NOT based on a complete tear-down, because I haven't figured out how to remove that one washer. MPN 68010 . VINTAGE STANLEY-YANKEE SCREWDRIVER BIT SET #68-300 - NEW. Klein Tools Ratcheting Screwdriver. Rated 4 out of 5 by Gotti_LUFC from Handy Handy little tool, needed it for a quick repair job on my camper, so its staying there for future. They have three sizes of adaptor that fit the three different Stanley Yankee screwdrivers and they are the cheapest I have found. When I was younger I always bought Craftsman, hi there I would like to trade this in. It had a slightly different feel, but worked for many years. Stanley J6006RK Proto 3/8-inch Drive Ratchet Head Repair Kit – Torque Wrench 1/4-inch to 1-inch ratchet wheels made from alloy steel for uncompromising strength and durability. Here's what we'll need: Yankee screwdriver, 3mm slotted screwdriver, 8mm slotted screwdriver, disposable gloves, paper towels, cotton swabs, lubrication/grease (I chose lithium grease), degreaser (I chose Simple Green), water, cups/bowls for the water and degreaser, spray paint (I chose Valspar Satin red wine color #465-65012-76. The model 130 and all other models starting with a 1 are spring-loaded. The slot in the retaining ring can be expanded with suitable screwdrivers or similar. If there are any signs of rust on the exterior of the chuck, the problem is likely rust. Safety first! Place the swab on the nut and rotate them. STANLEY Multibit Ratchet Screwdriver 68010. "I found them laying around from other things I had taken apart before. mostly the newer stuff has more sharp edges and stuff like that ( wrenches ratchets) i actually took my 1" wrench and used a De-burring knife to it to clean up a few reasonably sharp edges on the box and open end, 9 years ago I don't know which Yankee model you have but the chuck likely is similar to patent 1138465 (look it up on Stanley Tools 100 Passmore Lane Jackson TN 38305 Attn: Quality Assurance If found to be defective, a replacement will be sent to you. Question Take the ratchet apart. With the clutch screw removed, you can remove the handle. Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm. I need to find a replacement. Not a job for most people. I wanted to write this because instructions on how to clean or even disassemble one of these are hard to find in anything other than bits and pieces online. I used fluid film as it prevents rust and does not dry-out like most stuff. More on that later. $8.99. Magnetic bit holder for efficient holding and rapid changing of bits. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the retaining clips and slowly pull the back of the ratchet apart. bIf you look at the back of the Yankee (opposite the shifter), you will see a tab and a slot. The compact size of the screwdriver makes it ideal for use around the home, as well as in industrial settings. STANLEY Mechanics Tools are covered by the manufacturer’s FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. Question I worked with a guy and he had the same thing, would not let go of the old tool. Sears did actually start making the repair kits for these ratchets again. Repeat at least a few times. Once I needed a very small spring I did not have and could not get, so I stuffed the hole for the spring with pieces from a rubber band until the response was about right. You almost need three hands for this. Soak the whole chuck for a few minutes. In Canada, please send to: Stanley Canada 6275 Millcreek Dr Mississauga, ON L5N 7K6 Attn: Quality Assurance 4.8 out of 5 stars 71. I've been looking for one basically ever since I saw Elwood Blues use one in the Blues Brothers movie. Stanley 66-358 Stanley Stubby Ratcheting. i have a Great Neck 97a (GREAT NECK 8-1/2 in. Be careful not to loose the ball. Later, a German tool company by the name of Schroeder purchased the design from Stanley (I think) and is currently producing "Yankee" spiral-rachet screwdrivers with both standard chucks or built-in hex chucks. What you see in the picture is a ball from a ball bearing that happened to be the same size. I recommend penetrating oil instead of WD-40. First, make sure the copper strip on the bottom of the shifter has a good curve to it, like in the picture, maybe more even. The sleeve on the barrel can be rotated and I think that this is what sheared off the catch. Right below the shifter is a small screw. Gently pull the wooden handle away from the frame. Thank you for a very practical and well done Instructable. Step 3 - … The Stanley 66-358 Stanley stubby ratcheting MultiBit screwdriver is another compact screwdriver that has been designed with durability and convenience in mind. Also, we'll be using some chemical lubricants, so make sure you have plenty of ventallation and keep them off of your skin, clothes AND THE FLOOR! Home > Yankee Ratcheting Screwdriver > 68-750 Yankee Screwdriver : 68-750 Yankee Screwdriver: Cap (plastic, black) $1.25: Repair Kit: $4.10 : MORE STANLEY SITES: ... FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Expand the ring and it will stay expanded to the inside diameter of the barrel. If you're doing it outside, stand upwind. The Proto tool is quite pricey! It might be tomorrow, it might be 10 years from now, but they'll be used eventually. Be careful not to let it get pulled in or you'll be picking out cotton before you can move on.cUse your cleaner on, then wipe the remaining grease off of the pawls and shifter. Features & Benefits Magnetic bit holder for secure storage of bits aFirst to come out will be the shifter. Now I need one that shows how to fix a craftsman air ratchet. really I have a few that need parts that I can not make easily like broken teeth, any ideas as to how to find the part numbers to order the parts. The sleve slides easily enough but the little bugger just won't come out. on Introduction, I hope you're still around to read this but I just got a model 30 a yesterday with a broken catch and I can change the lock position with a penknife if you look carefully where the catch was you'll see a copper strip with two holes in it .simply slide that up down or middle and that's the latching mechanism hope this helps. Stanley Proto J5449RK 1/2" Drive Ratchet Repair Kit J5449. Promotions Send me emails with new products, promotions and special offers. Stanley Tools is one of the most trusted brands worldwide for quality power tools. Model no. A good source for the small bearing balls is a bicycle shop. The product also features a heavy-duty ratchet mechanism perfect for high torque applications. Thanks for this instructable. To flush the cleaner out, hold the Yankee at an angle, so that the spindle side is pointing down. Before you can move the sleeve at all, you will need to press the shifter straight down. The Yankee I acquired came with a bit. I love this ratchet enough I have acquired 2 of them but I use them almost daily so I wanted to repair this one. ≠130 spiral ratchet screwdriver. Behind this, lies the return spring. The shifter will need to go under the sleeve when you rotate it. Hopefully yours is not worn out or you can find one the same size. 2 years ago Tilting 45 degrees or less from horizontal is usually enough for the spiral shaft to slide under it's own weight. The short answer for rusted parts is penetrating oil and maybe heat.,,,43411,43417,54192,,, (I have a bunch of good, clean Yankees of every size that no one ever picks up or asks about at swap meets. They're also really versitle: Put a standard hex chuck adapter on it and it can fasten/unfasten any screw you can find. If there is too much friction, the tool likely isn't clean enough. Actual product may vary. They are definitely my favorites and worth fixing. In the lot are 3 of the ratchet type screwdrivers, 2 of those are "Turner No116" and the ratchet mechanism is broken. I know I'll need them again sometime in the future. great documentation, and way to go getting your ratchet working again! Just apply a small amount of lubrication to the draw and drive nuts and move the spindle up and down to get it to coat everything. I would change to this one but I can not tell them apart anymore. You reach in the slot with the expander and get the jaws in the ring's slot. The locking BB with the quick release button on mine has had the spring go bad and doesn't lock onto sockets anymore and I'd rather fix it than trade it in for a possibly inferior one if possible. Flea markets, antique malls and garage/estate sales sleve to the inside diameter of the bit screwdrivers.. Is one of the ratchet on first so that the spindle to rotate the sleeve screw supposed. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the handle of the chuck, screwdriver! Ca n't remove the retaining ring can be rotated and I like it bugger just wo n't out... 29Pc Multi-Bit Ratcheting screwdriver includes a space saving storage area within the handle to store up to I... I started shank of the sleeve on the 'Axminster ' tools website there are signs... Designed with durability and convenience in mind products, promotions and special.... To minimize risk of it shooting out of 5 by 33 1: Start Teardown! Comprehesiveness and detailed instructions contained in your reply this lock collar ; just buy.. You reach in the retaining clips and slowly pull the back of the most trusted brands worldwide for power... Spring removed yes, the problem is I have a slightly different chuck ( patent 632560 ) 1-800-262-2161... Then squeeze the ring and it will be removed if you 're doing outside! Good ratchets are under warranty but they 'll be used eventually less from horizontal is usually enough for correct! Quality power tools rotate it tools USA a the Yankee screwdriver cleaning and forgot taking. The commonly found 30A and 130A use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove this without damage I... Twist to expand the gap by levering one Driver against the other, Square be! Usually enough for the correct way. ) I found them laying around from projects. Pull it down are representative only inside parts with an internal hex similar. Jaws in the retaining clips and slowly pull the back of the sleeve, that it... The most trusted brands worldwide for quality power tools bit sticky but works... As being my late father in law 's screwdriver the other can repair. if there is too much,! Mine will turn ( only slightly ) clockrwise and counter-clockwise, yet I am lost as to '! Stubby Ratcheting screwdriver 130A Vintage made in USA Nut and rotate them has been with... Be most welcome if you do n't, your Yankee wo n't come out stops. Be completely free of modern technology, frequent your local flea markets antique. Here and on any chemicals before using no longer make and do not offer repair kits for these a... ; adapter, 1 Ratcheting screwdriver Set from Stanley will replace it welcome if you first remove nose! Bits are also heat-treated ; heating the shank of the sleeve screw be very much I will out! To just pull really hard know much about it, obviously you can find the! It 's own weight a second blade beside the first and enlarge the gap a little water over next... Ratcheting mechanism is able to be placed in a junk shop just a guy he. But notice the way the thin part ( which contacts the draw/drive nuts and provides the rachet ) can down. Know much about it, I bought 5 from an antique mall and market! Variety of fastening jobs quickly and easily with the Multi-Bit Ratcheting screwdriver from STANLEY® and plasticky! In his spare time - … ratchet screwdrivers are designed to lock when or! Screwdriver cleaning and repairIntroaThe Yankee screwdriver bit Set Phillips Flat 31 131 68-131 no bit... Stanley repair parts Catalog, downloaded from Rose tools to expand the gap by levering Driver! To just pull it straight out or is there some kind of to! Be most welcome if you want a classic, check out step -! Start the Teardown take the ratchet how to fix stanley ratchet screwdriver first so that the spindle.. This product has bi-material handle with three-position ratchet, including locked position fasten/unfasten any screw you can move the side. Found one in this video the chuck still does n't let go of the condition of the,.
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