Pylades Is there no hope at all of escaping death if you stayed here? Zeus changed the course of the Pleiades, all seven stars, Eris then sends death in pursuit of death to the generations of Atreus. You have abandoned me to murderers! 880. Big strong man. Why? Poor daughter of the general Agamemnon! The little girl that Menelaos brought here from her home in Sparta, for my mother to look after her. Menelaos What sort of visions accompany these attacks of madness? Tell me, old sir, what reasons did the Pelasgians give for the death sentence they served upon us? Lie down and shut your poor, weary eyes for a while. What were you doing at the time? She’s taken on the role of the “ill-fated one!”, She’s in there now, crying and grieving the death of her sister and all the misfortunes that her family has suffered. I have come to adorn my daughter’s tomb with some flowers, pain enough without this man’s accusations! Evil is what he who has performed it must now suffer! I see strangers appear from behind the altar near my house. Think of him! I was quick to obey them but they are slow offering their help. Did he think of what is just and what is not? He was afraid about his wife’s welfare though. Pylades, you must take care of what needs to be done after our death. It is your mind that sees these horrors, not your eyes. Take Care Lyrics: I know you've been hurt by someone else / I can tell by the way you carry yourself / If you let me, here's what I'll do / I'll take care of you (I'll take, I'll take) / I've loved Orestes Menelaos, do you want to keep asking questions or do you want to listen to me? Some men falling down, killed, some men nearly falling down killed and some other men killed. Unwashed like the hair of a savage! Thou didst not lie to me, thou spakest the truth! Killed them and maimed them by the roaring waters of the Trojan river, Scamander! It is true, you agreed with me but the hand that has spilt our mother’s blood was mine. Orestes Uncle, they have me totally surrounded by men armed in bronze! Chorus His loyal friend, Pylades, like a devoted brother, walks beside him, supporting his ailing body. What was his excuse? Would he not then, outraged by me, send his furies to haunt me? I want to do whatever is in my power to help you, to stand by your side and together fight the enemy. Why don’t you ask what happened to me, Orestes? Oh, I wish I had managed to get that murder done! Orestes Yes, but what has this got to do with our affair? Where’s the need for us to speak to them? Why must we? The palace of the king! Elektra and Pylades are each holding a lit torch. The men had fallen before Helen’s knees and are begging her, crying out…. Chorus Let Orestes, Lord Agamemnon’s boy, shed this raging madness from his mind! Braver war man. Orestes The very day I was building a mount for my poor mother’s tomb. Orestes They all hate me! He is here now and the proof of what I’m telling is that he has brought Helen here as well. "Not to me. No, mother don’t release those horrible women! Elektra Shall I help you put your feet on the ground? Creator: beelivia Series Begun: 2019-08-07 Series Updated: 2019-08-09 Description: Four unrelated one-shots based on the quote "I'll take care of you." Helen! Chorus Let him regain the reins of his fleeing wits! Elektra That’s right. Chorus He’s wearing black and his hair is cut short. Helen Because it’s not proper for young girls to be seen in public. Helen Elektra, I am afraid of the fathers of all those men who died at Troy. His view was that the city shouldn’t kill you or your brother but that justice would be served if they were to punish you by sending you into exile. He blames my father for the death of his brother, Palamedes, in Troy. He’ll soon soften his rage. This here is Argos! Chorus I couldn’t understand one word he said! Menelaos Were you inside at the time they came or were you sitting by the pyre? Orestes I killed, seeking vengeance for my father but you! I wasn’t there to witness that horrible deed of yours, these old eyes are flooded with tears at the very thought of it! Orestes So be it. Chorus It was the ancient curse, born out of an ancient dispute about a golden lamb! She who kept murmuring in your ear insulting tales about her, to make you hate her. Talk to the Argives in the assembly. He was a mortal and the gods had given him the honour of inviting him to their table, to share in their feast –eat like them, sit next to them- but Tantalus just couldn’t keep his mouth shut! Old sir, I repeat, the blame for my misfortune rests with you, for having brought to life such an evil daughter. I was in with you on the murder from the start. 1510. Chorus A man with luck behind him is dangerous to man with no luck, Orestes! Orestes Either life or death, my friend. Oh, and by the way, Elektra, by talking with you, I am not committing a sin and so I will not bring upon myself any pollution because, personally, I blame Phoebus Apollo for that event. I was wrong. Information and translations of Pylades in the most comprehensive … My darling girl! My spear and I came here alone and with no friends. PYLADES: But I will care for you. Turned into a corpse by many pains, though I still see the light of day. Chorus How will all this end, for the poor tortured man, Elektra? kümmern] to take care of sth. As well, since I have agreed to marry her, I feel that she is my wife. ‘Take care’ is often used alone when saying ‘goodbye’ to somebody Bye then! Menelaos, listen to me and heed my words well because I’m about to act upon them! Men of horse loving Argos, help! Jun 21, 2020 - Pylades: Ill take care of you.Orestes: Its rotten work.Pylades: Not to me. But you Zeus! I see you in front of your tomb, my brother! Turn your back to me, then, and run, coward! Our mother brought her up, while Helen was in Troy. They hide before, under their purple cloths, and then they look this way and then that way, everywhere look to see if anyone there, looking to them. Because of what I have done, acts which you call dreadful, I have put a stop to this practice. No need for me to be the one to blame Phoebus with anything either… even though it was he who had urged Orestes to kill his own mother, which, admittedly, was not a thing that would earn anyone any glory. You are not friends with that disgraceful snake, are you Menelaos? Orestes What then? Chorus Yes, yes and then what happened? You have a country, my friend, I have none. So I cry sad tears over her loss. If only one could see into the future! He looks refreshed, Orestes Ah, sweet, absorbing sleep! 390. It is the deed for which you are now being punished. Orestes They have surround us. Orestes I will never have enough of killing evil women! You came just in time. Ah! You are our very last hope. Orestes His silence says “yes.” I’ll say it for him. The rock that tore itself from Mount Olympus! Orestes Oeax. Orestes Perhaps someone might feel sorry for me…. 830. Sailors in trouble greet calm waters with less pleasure than that which a man in trouble feels, when he sees a loyal friend. His sleep is very disturbed and obviously nightmarish and he often tosses and turns, in violent fits. Oh, blessed lady goddess Oblivion! They won’t let me hold on to my life, uncle! Pylades, since you’re coming with me, let’s get our swords ready for the deed. Orestes Bring the sword close to the Phrygian’s throat. I merely sit beside him, sleeplessly watching him. Peace is the loveliest of the gods. Chorus Don’t shroud yourself in eternal shame by honouring your father! You and your ever-towering arrogance! I know them! Orestes I’m listening. Chorus Don’t kill me, my son! You are one of those fearsome bitches who hold me by the waist and want to hurl me into the hell of Tartarus! Look all around you, everywhere! By then, Menelaos would have seen his wife’s blood-soaked corpse so he might think about letting us go. He didn’t have to kill his mother! Anne Carson) #from #work. Let her fall right into our nets and if we capture her she’ll be an awesome catch! [treat with care] etw. The only woman who has killed so many Greeks! What murderous struggle makes you go on, you poor boy? It’s been six days now that the corpse of his murdered mother was committed to the cleansing pyre. See! You are right. Pylades We’ll be feeling exactly as she will be! Phrygian By my life, my Lord! Ah! Without a father to sow the seed there is no child. He has no idea of what is just and right that god! The two of them treated me like they treated their sons, the Dioscuri, Castor and Polydeuces. And so, considering the matter, I chose to protect him, rather than my mother. Orestes The man who loves his mother is a lucky man. Unending, unconquerable circle of pain that runs its violent course through the veins of the two sons of Atreus! Not if it's you. Not a whisper! I know things look bad. Orestes He might as well not have come to Argos for all the good he did to us! Wife of Paris who shoots arrows good. Tell of the young girl whose tresses have been shorn by the iron sword! 800. 21. This shameless mother killer is trying to escape his own death by causing totally destruction to your whole city! Pylades Which would definitely be a bad omen! He is an old man. They are all friends of mine. Men, I order you to smash this door so that I can go inside and, at least rescue my daughter from the hands of these murderers and take one last look at my poor wife. The deed you dare to do now is steeped in sin! Masks. His life is destined to be blessed. To the other group. Now is the time for you to perform your bloody sacrifice! In all other things in my life, in everything except my daughters, Menelaos, I have been very fortunate. Menelaos And you? Orestes Well, are you sure then? They are murdering me! That of having an undisciplined tongue. 450. Let him come within the reach of my sword. The news about the unholy murder of Klytaemestra, the daughter of Tyndareus himself! Watch out, some peasant coming towards the palace. My worst fears have been realised! What made him do a thing like that? 1531. 711. Friends are more reliable than blood relatives! Save my life as he has saved yours and I will be far more content. Orestes Wise or not, mortals are the slaves of the gods. 1410. I am a Phocian. Beautiful towers of Troy, down! Pylades In any case, my friend, if they do kill you, you will die a more noble death. 40. Both of you are to die, this very day! 600. We won’t be escaping. Swish, swish, fight, fight, fight! I’ve got to sit here, watching over my brother. He has betrayed his friendship to both, me and my sister! Not if it's you PYLADES I raced through the town as soon as I heard of the citizen assembly PYLADES I saw it too. Calm down and stop frightening the poor girl. Not anywhere! What he’s done, however is to earn the same fate as his mother. Top artists. I am right here, talking to you from nearby. Orestes I’ve asked him not to just sit there and watch while my sister and I are being stoned to death. On either side of the palace stand armed guards. My very good mother Earth! Then, Agamemnon married Klytaemestra -another famous personage in Greece- from which couple emerged us three daughters: Chrysothemis, Iphigeneia and I, Elektra; as well as a son, this one here, Orestes. Deeds that brings down cities and countries! Orestes There’s one thing that still bothers me. I understand your thinking there. 290. pfleglich behandeln to take care of itself sich von selbst erledigen to take care of oneself sich schonen auf sich aufpassen für sich selbst sorgen to be able to take care of oneself für sich selbst sorgen können Cry for those who once led the armies of Greece! Orestes, I'll fix things with the people here: I made you kill your mother, so it's only fair. Come and I tell you something.”. Your daughter, sir, in secret and unholy nuptials took a ban to her bed. Pylades No, I won’t. Orestes This country here! He shifts and presses closer, and Liu Qingge, as always, holds him steady. 1670. Phrygian When we hear the noise of killing – ai, ai, ai! That woman deserves to die even more than you do. Long string to the floor. Stats: Words: 5,569 Works: 4 Complete: Yes. Big purple cloth. Have you poured the libations upon Klytaemestra’s grave? 1431. According to Homer, Orestes was away when his father returned from Troy to meet his death at the hands of Aegisthus, his wife’s lover. Come. Spend as few of them on it as you can. Same old Helen! Orestes Talking to some imaginary attendant. Chorus You and the Heavens have achieved all of your heart’s desires! With them… with my daughters, there, alas, I have been unfortunate! Big arms run around earth? An unholy act, yes but I did it, I have performed that sacrifice for the sake of my father. In fact, that’s what all heralds are like: always ready to jump up to defence and friendship of the most powerful in the city. Listen to I'll Take Care Of You from The Cruel Sea's Down Below for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. 300. Helen Ah! Pylades: Not to me. Apollo! Let me use plain and clear words to you: Don’t help this man! Anne Carson) By the gods, I’d love to know what his response was! A house that sprung from the marriage with gods! The work of your sword will serve me well enough! You are neither a woman born nor a man alive! Menelaos Your anger and your old age, Tyndareus, have blunted your wisdom. Listing Series. I can’t wait to welcome my son-in-law. You die because of Helen the beautiful woman from egg born. Pylades Quietly then. Elektra Well, he’s still alive but his breathing is getting slower. My feet run away from the palace, fast, very fast! Why don’t you add your voice to that of my brother? Orestes: It’s rotten work. PYLADES, friend Of ORESTES MESSENGER, formerly servant of Agamemnon HERMIONE, daughter of MENELAUS and HELEN A PHRYGIAN EUNUCH, in HELEN'S retinue APOLLO TYNDAREUS, father of Clytemnestra Scene Before the royal palace at Argos. Leave the obscure mutterings to the unwise. Women will no longer be so bold as to try and get away with the murder of their husbands like my mother did, by asking by exposing their breasts to their children and soliciting their pity. Encourage me, comfort me and I shall do the same when you are sighing and groaning with pain. It was I, personally who had saved her from your sword, thanks to her father Zeus’ command. But let me first put my arms around your neck, my brother! Her pyre mount is still warm. 1140. 1570. Orestes Take your living body back to your father, Pylades. But when marriage fails, then all around them fails with it. Orestes I’d feel more pleased for him if he had he survived the war without her. In the meantime, I’ll go to Tyndareus and represent you. Brave war snake. Come, good friends come but step very softly! Obviously he’s got hopes set on becoming the king of this land as well. Slow to do anything. I can see my friends are coming again. Do you want to commit yet another murder? Ah! Big helmet with three big plumes. Orestes But how can we do it? Anything definite you can tell me? Some new troubles? So, one man run away, another man, fall dead, one other one big wound and one more, fall on the ground and beg for to save his life. Tyndareus True but they do not disrespect the law. 482. The rock that swings and spins from golden chains between the Heavens and Earth! You have slaughtered your mother and so you must be hated by the gods -and so you are punished! Tell me that and then I’ll know everything that went on. Orestes has his sword at Hermione’s throat. Orestes Now, don’t you act like them! No, I came out here to stop all your shouting. Helen Because, my dear, I wants you to make a libation for me and an offering of a lock of my hair. They tell me that my wife was not killed but, somehow vanished, obviously a stupid story told by someone whose wits have been shattered by fear. Menelaos turns to leave but is stopped just before the exit. Left of the palace door is a couch upon which sleeps Orestes. Orestes, it’s not because of laziness that I want to try this soft approach but because at times such as this the wise should answer to the dictates of Fortune. Pylades Ah, Menelaos! They’re ready for you if you don’t disappear. Like people who see a gorgon? Let us either prepare the ropes or sharpen a sword! Let us go in and cut her throat. 1260. Like barbary people make. What do you mean by that? What melancholy it gives me when I think of the miserable despair that has gathered around its hearth! We use cookies for social media and essential site functions. You’re draining me of courage! His wife has given him his last bath. Elektra Scratches her face with her nails 960. Apollo So, then, depart all of you to the place I have allocated for you and end now your quarrel. Orestes No. Maybe this is trap for Helen. Orestes: It’s rotten work. At their own hands. I end my quarrel about everything that has happened before and about your oracles, Apollo. Poor, Elektra! I shall urge them to stone you two to death! Orestes Yes, my friend, Pylades. My dear uncle, the whole of Greece knows how much you love your wife and I’m not saying this just to flatter you, my uncle but, in Helen’s name, uncle, I beg you, in Helen’s name – 669. “Go away! When I was a little boy he looked after me as if I was his own child. 1052. In this misery, our words replace our children and our marriage bed! Hermione Is that what the shouting in the palace was about? Orestes: I was absolved of the crime. You have given birth to us, yet you have killed us, killed our father. I will come by your side with soft words of comfort. He won’t even eat! I beat my head, in praise of beautiful Persephone. We use cookies for essential site functions and for social media integration. Six days after the murder of Klytaemestra and Aegisthus. Elektra I have this awful fear that someone might see my brother in the process of performing the bloody deed and add to our troubles. Now I have no one! Menelaos My poor boy! But with all my power I’ll defend the law to put an end to this bestial killing, which always destroys the land and city. Menelaos paces back and forth, pondering deeply the words of Tyndareus. We are dead! The Greeks much better with war than the Phrygians. Maybe magic drugs, maybe magic tricks, maybe gods take away, I don’t know but she run away! He ruled Greece as if with some divine power. Menelaos Let me have my wife’s body so that I may build a tomb for her. Orestes No. "I'll Take Care of You" Single by Bobby Bland; Released: 1959: Genre: R&B: Label: Duke: Songwriter(s) Brook Benton: Covers and samples. That, as you say, is the duty of good friends. Pylades Not for much longer. No more of this blood for blood and death for death. Have his fits driven him away from the palace? Chorus All because of the sin of Myrtilus! Chorus Than when his mother tore her golden robe asunder and Orestes saw her breast before he slaughtered her? Exit Menelaos, shaking his head dismissively. Menelaos Yes, Orestes, what you say about good friends is true and I understand your dreadful predicament. Orestes and Pylades Series Metadata. Chorus And you? What does Pylades mean? I can remember nothing. Come, lean your sick shoulder against mine and together we’ll go through the city. Helen But it would be an even greater shame to send these offerings over by a servant. Conditions and Exceptions apply. By killing my mother I have not only served the needs of my father but also your needs! The gods had used Helen’s beauty to bring the people of Phrygia and Greece together to a single place on earth where they would die and thus lighten the burden of the ever-growing population of mortals. Pylades He says I am polluted because I have helped you with the murder of your mother. May the gods below be disgusted by all this, just like the gods above are abhorred by them.