It can be really difficult to clarify personal tastes when you don't even know where to start- but doing so will help you remain focused on your layout goals and give you a cohesive artistic style, even through the fads, the hype, and the promotions that are all part of such a diverse and creative industry. Some pages will be simple. Flip through a scrapbooking magazine and you’ll see a variety of different scrapbook styles. We approached our projects with a much more unbiased and refreshed perspective, which didn't always help in huge ways, but it certainly never ever did harm- like not taking a break would often do. Go with your gut here and attach the items where you see fit. In a modern scrapbook layout, the designs look clean and usually are executed with a few well-placed lines or shapes. Because all of these items inspire you, it isn't important to create a masterpiece here- this is just a board so you can see all of the items that inspire you, together. By trying one, two, or all of the ideas above, you're sure to improve and learn in many different areas of crafting. Joan Wines, PhD, is a scrapbooking consultant and assistant coordinator of the Great American Scrapbook Convention. Andy Torres TV Host founder of Picture a classic car, identify a classic film, recall the title and tone of a classic novel, or listen to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. Journaling, however, may be another matter. You may even want the journaling entries to be handwritten on paper adhered to a mat over the same base-page paper you used for the left-hand page. I'd highly recommend using your mood board as a "Personal Shopping Guide." The layout above was inspired by Yellow, Red and Blue by Rothko. Last year's trip to Europe, or a year in elementary school, can provide more than just photos to preserve in your scrapbook… Check out our article "Can Crafting Really Make You Happy and Healthier?" Step 3. Think of modern furniture with sparse lines or of modern art that relies heavily on hard edges and geometric shapes and angles to create its images. To begin, flip through some of your favorite scrapbooking magazines. Computer-generated fonts that suggest early 20th-century handwriting styles commonly are used for journaling in shabby-chic scrapbook layouts. Keep this list in your journal so it can be ever-evolving. Staking Your Claim: Creating a Workspace at Home. Can you narrow down or even pinpoint your idea of beauty? Moreover, the photos are of good quality. Rhetoric and style are key elements of strong writing. I WORE THE SAME OUTFIT FOR A WEEK AND NO ONE NOTICED Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook by Horizon Group USA,Personalize & Decorate Your DIY Scrapbook with Stickers,Sequins,Gemstones & More.40-Page Hardcover Scrapbook,Pen,Scissors & Glue Stick Included: Toys & Games Looking through a scrapbooking magazine, you will see a variety of different styles. Your handwriting will lend a very unique look to your scrapbook layouts. You'd be surprised at how handwriting styles change over the years and from country-to-country. In scrapbooking, and creating art or projects in general, you can use the same image-collage technique to unleash your own style. As you’d expect, accessories are downplayed (if used at all) on a modern scrapbook page. If you're strapped for time, you can stencil letters directly onto your scrapbook and color them in. I've written it in a way so it seems like I'm talking directly to whoever is reading it. Once you discover the comfort of knowing your own scrapbooking preferences, you will easily put layouts together. Computer-generated fonts that suggest early 20th-century handwriting styles commonly are used for journaling in shabby-chic scrapbook layouts. Look for what the layouts have in common, if anything. The modern look in scrapbooking tends to include geometric shapes, angular lines, and bold colors.